Lightweight and flexible, these necklaces are hand-woven by working long lengths of silver and gold wire into interconnecting loops. My work is an exploration and expansion of a technique, commonly known as Viking knitting, that has its origins in the Viking-era of the 8th to 10th century. Visit this page to learn more about the technique and to get a feel for how these necklaces are made.

If you are interested in a necklace that you saw at an art show but do not see here, please contact me (orders [AT] janraven [DOT] com) to see if it is available or can be made for you. Click on an image for details about each piece and for a larger view.

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Woven silver necklace

Densely woven silver necklace
Statement necklace

Hand-formed Centerpiece with woven silver chains
Silver Viking knit with Braid

Silver with braided centerpiece
Two styles are available: All silver or silver with gold accents
Gold Viking knit with Braid

Gold with braided centerpiece
Two styles are available: All gold or gold with silver accents
Silver with pearls

Woven silver with freshwater pearls
Silver with lapis

Woven silver with lapis lazuli
Gold with quartz

Woven gold with faceted quartz
Gold with turquoise

Woven gold with turquoise nuggets
Woven center with woven gold chains

Woven swirls with woven gold chain
Please ask about availability
Woven center with woven silver chains

Woven swirls with woven silver chain
Please ask about availability
Gold with pearls

Woven gold with green freshwater pearls
Gold with peridot

Woven gold with peridot
Woven silver chain

Woven silver chain
Woven gold chain

Woven gold chain
Silver with amethyst

Woven silver with amethyst
Gold with tourmaline

Woven gold with tourmaline
Gold with garnet

Woven gold with garnet
Silver with turquoise

Woven silver with turquoise