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IMPORTANT NOTICE: My 2011 show season has started, so if you place an order when I am traveling to a show (check my schedule), there may be a delay in your receipt of the tutorial. I send each file manually and I don't always have internet access while on the road, so please be patient. I always send the tutorials just as soon as I can!

Viking Knitting Tutorial: This comprehensive tutorial contains over 80 photos and 75 steps and is more than 30 pages long. I cover all aspects of this weaving technique: tools, getting started, working single and double knit stitches, adding new wire (two methods), fixing mistakes, how to manage long pieces of wire, maintaining stitch alignment, and how to finish a chain (two methods). Just $10! The tutorial will guide you through the completion of the earrings shown below and will give you enough information to make the silver chain shown. When checking out through PayPal, please make certain that your email address is correct! I will send the tutorial (PDF, 1.4MB file) via email.

Materials: 2 feet of 26 gauge craft (copper) wire; about 9 feet, 5 inches of 26 gauge wire to be used for the earrings; 10 inches of 20 gauge wire (same type as used for earrings); earwires

Tools: small bench vise, 3/16 inch Allen wrench, tape measure, wire cutters, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, drawplate (instructions for making one are included in the tutorial)

Comments on the Tutorial

  • Wow! What a wonderfully detailed tutorial. (Kate)
  • This is by far the best instructions I have EVER read on VWW. (Michele)
  • good job with the tutorial! (Lisa)
  • Many thanks for sending your tutorial so quickly! It's lovely and detailed, and it all looked so cool that I just had to try the technique out immediately (Sue)
  • Thanks for the tutorial. It is well written and I am excited about trying the project. (Arlene)
  • What a wonderful tutorial! Thank you so much! I am going to take a Viking Knitting class and I am sure that your tutorial will be very helpful to prepare for the class. (Erzsebet)
  • Love the tutorial.  So easy to follow. (Steph)

Viking Knitting Tutorial $10.
Once payment is complete, I will email the PDF file as soon as I can!


Wire Braiding Tutorial: Most of us are familiar with three-strand braiding, since it is the pattern used to braid hair. This tutorial is rich in photographs and shows how to make the bracelets pictured on this page. The tutorial also shows how to make the twisted wire. If you are intrigued by the patterns produced by intertwined strands, this tutorial should provide you with a good start in exploring wire braids.

Materials: 54 inches of 20 gauge dead soft wire, 40 inches of 24 gauge dead soft wire (OR an additional 18 inches of 20 gauge wire, 4 inches of 24 gauge dead soft wire. I use combinations of sterling silver and 14 kt. gold-fill, but you may substitute any type of wire.

Tools: small bench vise, wire cutters, flat nose pliers, tape measure, needle file, drill

Wire Braiding Tutorial $6.
Once payment is complete, I will email the PDF file as soon as I can!